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Lost gold in África II Solicitar información

I express emotions and feelings on my works.

As I grew up in a little village in Romania I really feel comfortable with representing the nature which has been accompanying me.

Although I started being fascinated with realism and painting African girls portraits now i have found on expressionism a truly way to share my emotions, my feelings, and my perspective of life, love and nature without being locked up on the limits of reality.

Always learning, for me art is experimenting with whatever you have nearby, shaping yourself on a canvas.

Just want you to take a look on what I have create and share your emotions with me.


  • Precio 49€
  • Categorías del cuadro Acrílico / Abstracto
  • Ubicación / Región España/ Zaragoza
  • Superficie Lienzo
  • Técnica Acrílico
  • Alto (cm) 55
  • Ancho (cm) 46
  • Enmarcado No

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