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Cold Water II Solicitar información

Painting: Acrylic and Oil on Canvas.

Original painting made in acrylic on canvas of high quality fabric. The painting wants to transmit all the force of the cold waters of the ocean. The adrenaline that seizes the sailors that you have to fight against the fury of nature. The painting transmits strength and tranquility at the same time. The gam of blue colors create whimsical and beautiful shapes at the same time.

The painting is delivered frimated and certified by its author Juan José Garay.

Thank you for viewing my painting.

  • Precio 15.000€
  • Categorías del cuadro Paisaje / Óleo / Abstracto
  • Ubicación / Región España/ Madrid
  • Superficie Lienzo
  • Técnica Óleo
  • Alto (cm)* 200
  • Ancho (cm)* 200
  • Enmarcado No

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